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Welcome to internet – pages of Lumon Oy (“www-pages”). These statements are valid in all www-pages owned by Lumon Oy or it’s assosiated companies (below Lumon).

By opening Lumon www-pages you agree to and are bound to the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before browsing our www-pages any further.

The contents of these www-pages are copyrighted or otherwise protected and owned by Lumon. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. Reproduction, distribution and transfer or storage of a part or all of the contents in any form without prior permission of Lumon Communications Department is strictly prohibited.

The material shown on these www-pages is however permitted for personal and non-commercial use. As a user of our www-pages you are for example allowed to print out parts of these www-pages, pictures and information concerning our products (without limitation) for your own personal use. These www-pages may however include also documents and material which are subjects to other terms and conditions specified separately on these explicit pages.

Material explicitely ment to be public like press releases, for example are available for public means of communication. However, the source of the material has to be appropiately shown.

Lumon provides and develops its www-pages as a convenience for all the users. The contents are always shown “as is” and “as available” basis. Lumon can not take any responsibility for the possible faults and inaccurate information among the information shown on the www-pages. Neither does Lumon warrant that its www-pages will be uninterrrupted or error-free. We will of course make reasonable attempts to provide new and accurate information via our www-pages. Lumon reserves the right to change or revise the pages or withdraw access to them at any time.

These www-pages may include links to sites on the internet that are owned or provided by third parties. When you are linking to such a third-party site we recommend you to carefully read all the terms and conditions concerning the use of these third-party sites before browsing them any further. Lumon can not be responsible for any contents of these third-party sites.

By submitting material to Lumon for example via e-mail or through our www-pages, you agree that, the material you sent is not illegal, and it is not including anything unfit for publication and that Lumon has right to publish it. You also agree that the material is owned by you or you have otherwise the right to give it to Lumon and you have used reasonable efforts to make sure that it does not contain any viruses or other harmful destructive features.

As a user of our www-pages you agree to the fact that you are not allowed to put in a claim against Lumon concerning the material you sent to Lumon. Lumon is not responsible for any claims put in against it by third parties regarding the material sent to Lumon.

If you find out as a visitor that our www-pages do include something illegal or unfit material for publication, or that the right to this material is owned by someone else, please inform our Communications Department so that we would be able to carry out the correcting action needed.

The information, advice and references on these www-pages are solely general and they should not be taken as personal specialist advisory. If you need that kind of help, please contact a professional who can personally help you with your questions.

Lumon has full title and ownership to the mark “Lumon” separately and together with word combinations used in the business of Lumon such as slogans and product names. The mark “Lumon” separately and together with words connected to it has been internationally protected as registered an well established trademark on the various marketing areas of Lumon irrespective of whether the mark “Lumon” and words connected to it is dispatched by marks or similar signs to indicate that the mark is registered trademark or not.

If you are intending to use the material in these www-pages against the terms and conditions mentioned above, we ask you to find out the possible existence of the right of use from our Communications Department.

Finnish law is applied to the terms and conditions shown above.

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